LED Lights for all your Lighting Projects!

Since 2002, China Led Lighting Company have been committed to providing our customers with outstanding service, expertise, and the highest quality products in wholesale led lights for sale. We strive to offer the widest variety of LED products for landscape lighting, industrial lighting, commercial lighting, home lighting, automotive lighting, and more!

Some of our recent works.

Wholesale Automotive LED Lights

Cars, trucks, vans and SUVs benefit from the installation of bright, long lasting LED lights. Increase road visibility for yourself and others, light up your automobile interior, and add some eye-catching accents both inside and out.

Office Lighting

Brighten up your office space by incorporating LED lighting. Cost effective, energy efficient, and easy on the eyes, LEDs are sure to please in every aspect. Desk lighting, ceiling lighting, outdoor lighting, security and emergency lighting are available.

Industrial LED Lighting

Industrial LED lights provide powerful, long-lasting illumination for warehouse lighting, high-bay lighting, low-bay lighting and wet location LED lighting. With LED lighting, you can improve the safety of your work environment.

Retail Lighting

Success in retail relies heavily on impressions. Make a statement with LED lighting in your business and witness the impact. Signs, window displays, shelves and display cases are sure to turn heads with the gleam of LEDs.

Healthcare Lighting

Healthcare facilities not only need to provide and maintain comfort for patients, but accuracy and safety as well. Our wide selection of LEDs is sure to meet the needs of your facility.

City Lighting

Keep your city beautiful and safe with the versatility and affordability of LEDs! LEDs last longer than incandescent and halogen bulbs, all while using a small fraction of the electricity conventional bulbs use.

Home Interior LED Lights

The uses of LED lighting around the home are endless. Lighting gives life to a room. It can set the mood, accent a favorite piece of art, or add a splash of color in an unexpected place.

Home Exterior Lighting

Curb appeal is the very charisma of a home, so add some sparkle and shine! In the garden, up the pathway, on the walls, and wherever else you see fit, LEDs will draw envious looks from your neighbors and friends.